3 Ways to Sell During the COVID19 Crisis

?I feel bad to prospect during this time.? I?ve been getting this statement from many salespeople and some recruiters who I coach.

Top 50

Top 50 Most Influential Women of LinkedIn

The Top 50 most inspirational and admired women on LinkedIn. List originally compiled by Ahmad Imam (link in header). In no particular order.

6 Reasons Why Selling Is Like Dating

I was recently on a date with a nice guy that I met online, and something hit me. We were both selling. We had been selling ourselves from before we even matched. So there we were on our first face...

The Reason Why Everyone Needs to Learn Sales

I once met a guy. Let's call him Tom. Tom was very smart. He had a gift for technology and worked hard. This guy had several degrees, qualifications and read lots of books on IT. Bottom line, Tom was brilliant at his job as an IT consultant at one of the big 4 firms in the world.

Shut up and ask good questions - Sales

Blame it on human behaviour or psychology, but there are some universal truths in sales that will never change.People are more likely to buy when they are talking, than when you’re talking.People buy things when it’s their idea.You should never ever begin telling, pitching or providing solutions before the client articulates what they want to gain, achieve or solve.So how do we get our prospect...

6 Tips on Dealing With Rejection When Selling

Ask yourself this question. Do I care more about being rejected,or being successful? No one likes rejection. Most of us fear it because it hurts our ego and self-esteem. The first few times you experience rejection, it will hurt. When it comes to going out there and selling your products, services, and ideas, you will face lots of rejection.

The Art of Influencing Others

They Need to like You  If people don’t like you then they won’t respect you. If they won’t respect you, then it may be difficult for them to listen to

How Delayed Gratification Can Help You Sell More

ffective selling is about farming rather than hunting. Are you the type of person who wants it now? Or have you mastered the art of delayed gratification? Did you know that many salespeople get frustrated after just an hour of prospecting by phone, email, social media, or face to face if they don't see instant results?

8 Effective Ways to Motivate Staff - Leadership

Are you an organisation who wants to retain talent? Or perhaps you want to become a leader that motivates and inspires? We all know that motivation is mostly intrinsic. However many times a leader can either make or break their team member's motivation.

NLP Beliefs - To Better Communication

For the past 30 years Neuro-linguistic Programming has not only been growing but transforming people’s lives. It has helped millions of people

8 Ways You Should Be Using LinkedIn For Sales

Closer's Coffee - Powered by Outfield - Using LinkedIn for sales isn’t an overnight results type of process. It’s more about planting relationship seeds and watching them grow.

11 Ways to Boost your Happiness

I have created a useful list in order to take care of yourself internally. These 11 simple strategies and philosophies work for me personally and have been extremely helpful for many of the clients that I have coached. 1. Remember to always breathe Did you know that your body is designed to release about 70% of its toxins through deep breathing?

9 Reasons Why People Fail to Achieve What They Want in Life

1. They lack a strong purpose in life What is your purpose? I don’t mean, why are you here? But, what drives you? What inspires you? If you could be and do anything for the rest of your life, what would it be? Having a purpose in life can be the difference between having or losing motivation. Successful people know what they want, why they want it and how to make it happen

3 Ways You Can Use Science to Lead - Neuroleadership

​Did you know that there’s this lump of fat buried deep inside your brain that rules the world? It’s called the amygdala. It holds the power to: Create wars, breakdown marriages and even breakdown communication at work. It's basically responsible for your emotions, how you behave and motivation levels. The key is to learn how to communicate to the other person's amygdala, to minimise the threat response.

9 Ways to Help You Become More Resilient

I myself have been through several dark times. At one point I couldn't get out of bed, function or go to work for 6 weeks. I dealt with the pain, tried not to fight it and accepted my situation.

Coach Yourself Through These 37 Powerful Questions

I'm going to ask you to do something a little different than just reading an article. I'm going to teach you how to self-coach yourself. So I want you to take out 5 to 10 minutes of your time. Grab a pen, paper and answer some questions that will help you find your purpose, set goals and feel more resilient.