Employment Services Training

Employment Services Training

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Influence More Jobseekers Into Work

Would you like to influence more jobseekers into work, while maintaining a good relationship? Many times a jobseekers motivation depends on your relationship, as well as the quality customer service. This workshop is not only designed to help you with rapport building, motivational, influencing and communication skills, but also how to stay assertive within the compliance framework.

Reverse Marketing & Sales (DES, Jobactive, TtW, Youths, CDP,)

Do you help unemployed people back into work? Do you lack the confidence or motivation at picking up the phone and contacting employers? Would you like to increase your job placements? Gain confidence at picking the telephone and contacting employers. Learn valuable sales skills in order to turn a 'no' into a 'yes' Improve interview and placement opportunities for your clients. Increase your performance, motivation and job placements. Learn how to sell the jobseeker to employers and the job to jobseekers. Master the art of overcoming objections. Learn how to use questions to make an impact. Walk away with a solid pitch

Get More People into Work - 2 Day Fundamentals

This 2 day fundamentals covers everything, from how to market your jobseekers to the employers, to how to market the job to the jobseekers. Day one focusses on your communication and marketing techniques to employers, and day 2 covers coaching and motivational methods used on jobseekers. It is usually those employment practitioners who have high levels of communication with both their jobseekers and employers who are producing most of the results. As well as those who are not afraid to pick up the phone and or go out to meet employers.

Cold Calling Employers

LIMITED TICKETS!  We once asked the CEO of one of the top performing 5 star DES providers what his secret was to this success. He responded, It's everyone's responsibility to pick up the phone and market jobseekers, from the receptionist to upper management.****************************************************Would you like to?Help more people into work?Have the perfect cold calling script that keeps people on the phone?Know how to get through the gatekeeper?Not have anxiety and fear the phone?Join Rana Kordahi for a 1.5 hour webinar which equips you with all the tools for cold calling employers and closing more meetings and appointments, for both yourself and your jobseekers. You will gain the motivation to pick up the phone more, skills to know what to say, and confidence to contact anyone, from CEO to small business owner. What you will get out of this webinar Know how to get through the gatekeeper with ease. Discover a proven cold calling script that is used by some of the top closers. Learn ways to respond to objections given by an employer. More confidence and motivation to get on the phone. ****************************************************  Meet your Instructor   

Working with Resistant Clients (DES, Jobactive, Youth employment, TtW, CDP and JVEN)

Learn key methods of how to influence your jobseeker and build a lasting relationship. Discover the difference between authority and autonomy support. Develop ways you can create desire and interest when talking to a resistant jobseeker. Utilise motivational interviewing tools and recognise how they can help elicit and change behaviour. Use narrative story telling when your jobseeker is making excuses. Develop ways you can maintain balance between doing your job (compliance) and building a long lasting relationship with your jobseeker. ​

Selling for non Sales People

Each day technically brilliant and smart people are hired to do great things in their jobs. But then comes the dreaded sales part, when they are expected to hit those KPI’s and targets, without having been taught how. An IT Consultant at a consulting firm may have all the necessary skills to analyse how computer systems work within a company. But do they have the necessary skills to negotiate a deal? An accountant in a firm may have just been promoted to director level, and now they have to go out and build business relationships. This workshop was not only designed to make your team member fall in love with sales and understand the value, but also equip them with the necessary tools to reach their sales targets, expand business opportunities and influence more clients. Selling for non sales people was created for those who are hesitant when it comes to selling and shy away from building valuable business opportunities and closing deals.

Sales Management - Leading your Sales Team

successful sales manager's job is to provide clear direction and support to his/her team that will enable them to excel and to reach their full potential. Sales managers often rise to this position from a successful career in sales. But, the skills required of a successful sales manager are quite different from the skills of a successful sales person. This is the reason many top sales people fail as sales managers. After completing this highly interactive two-day program, participants will understand the responsibilities of a successful sales manager and how it differs from the role of a sales person. Participants will explore key leadership skills that will help motivate their sales team to excellence. Additionally, participants will learn specialised sales management skills such as sales forecasting, planning, and monitoring. ​

Business Networking - Take that Relationship Beyond

Many people fall into the trap of attending these networking events with a one sided objective in mind, to close a deal and a,

Coaching and Questioning Skills - Employment Services Training

This Coaching and Questioning Skills course was designed for practitioners who are looking to develop their coaching abilities and become more effective at getting through to their jobseekers. Also for those who want to empower their clients and boost motivation.

Get that Job - Workshop (DES, Jobactive, Youths, TtW, JVEN)

Get that job by learning effective ways to market yourself. Learn resume, cover letter and selection criteria writing. As well as interview techniques, networking, hidden job market, confidence and resilience.

Executive Coaching

Would you like to wake up each day excited and with purpose? How about get a clear vision of business and team goals? Would you like to attract and retain talented employees? How about see your employees thrive? Most successful people have had a coach guiding them on their path towards achieving what they wanted. A group study of fortune 100 executives found that providing coaching for staff got them a return on investment (ROT) six times the program cost. Another study found that if coaching was used as a follow up to training, it increased productivity by 88%.