How to achieve anything in life by learning how to sell. | Rana Kordahi | TEDxCQU

She wants to make the word 'sales' to sound hip, rather than taboo. She wants people to be like, 'oh wow you work in sales!' She believes that everyone is a ...

Episode 7: Is Cold Calling Dead? Rana Kordahi — Apprento

Today we are going to talk about the different ideas around cold calling. Many people say that it doesn’t work anymore, a thing of the past. Others think of it as a one-time event; Rana is here to show us how wrong those conceptions are.

Antonio Prescott 🌟Smarketing Fanatic🌟🇹🇹🙋 on LinkedIn: Ways To Increase Your Sales | 48 comments

Ways To Increase Sales Joined by Rana Kordahi who spoke at the TEDx event. Rana is the director of The Selling... 48 comments on LinkedIn

The 15 Australian Sales Experts and Coaches to Watch in 2021

At the heart of any business lies the job of selling. It doesn’t matter how great your product or service

How can you sell yourself, without actually selling yourself? Live with Guest Rana Kordahi

How can you sell yourself, without actually selling yourself? What if you hate selling? Can you fall in love with selling? Join us LIVE on #SuperChargeFridays... 211 comments on LinkedIn

New Approach to Selling and Coaching with Rana Kordahi

00:25:23 - Many salespeople feel an aversion towards their sales job because they have a wrong mindset caused by a lack of proper sales training. So, our today…

The Top 10 Female Sales Coaches Thriving in 2020

With over a decade of sales & management experience, Jessica Marx is passionate about working with high level professionals and helping them elevate their position in the marketplace. Jessica is results driven and strategic through her programs and coaching, which has enabled her to take goals and drive

Meet the Woman Who is on a Mission to Make Everyone Fall in Love with Selling | Daily Herald

Meet the woman who is on a mission to make everyone fall in love with sales and not fear it. Rana Kordahi remembers the first time she knew that sales were crucial.

Rana Kordahi Talks to Tedx About Why She Loves Sales and How You Can Too

The word sales has taken on a taboo connotation over the last few years. When you mention sales, images of the 'Wolf of Wall Street' are conjured up with selfish, predatory undertones seeping through into

Episode 223. Rana Kordahi - Confidence with integrity — The Insecurity Project

Rana Kordahi is a Sales Coach, NLP Practitioner, Writer, TEDx Speaker and Top 10 Female Sales Coach in 2020 by as voted by Yahoo Finance. She has trained and coached thousands of sales and non salespeople in the art of sales, influence, mindset, leadership and personal development. She is also a

‎Bootstrapping Your Dreams Show: 092 | Selling Strategies For Non-Sales People | How To Crush It As A Successful Sales Person | Rana Kordahi on Apple Podcasts

‎Show Bootstrapping Your Dreams Show, Ep 092 | Selling Strategies For Non-Sales People | How To Crush It As A Successful Sales Person | Rana Kordahi - 25 Sep 2019

Sales for non salespeople - Rana Kordahi (TALKING SALES 249)

I am delighted to introduce Rana Kordahi to you. She is one of the most inspirational sales influencers who has emerged in the Australian landscape. In this ...

Mindset, Gratitude, and Morning Coffee with Special Guest Rana Kordahi | 10 Minute Mindset | Mario Porreca

Rana is determined to make everyone fall in love with selling. She aims to make the word sales sound hip, rather than slimy. She truly believes that everyone is a salesperson-because we don't only sell products and services, but ideas, thoughts, opinions, and even our personalities.

Level Up Your Sales Skills: Tips and Advice

Rana Kordahi, CEO and Director of The Selling Academy and CEO of Employment Services Training shares some of her best advice for salespeople (and non salespe...

Exploring B2C and B2B differences - Rana Kordahi (TALKING SALES 256)

Our second interview with the incredible Rana Kordahi - a sales superstar. We explore the differences in selling B2C versus B2B - particularly in relation to...

5 Steps to B2B Sales Success - Rana Kordahi

Here I share 5 practical and applicable tips in how to use several sales strategies, (including LinkedIn) in order boost sales.

Two Entrepreneurs Who Have Never Met Launch a Program Together | Daily Herald

Over the months, they built trust, as well as a business relationship and even a friendship through the business networking platform called LinkedIn. Rana said that she noticed that Michael had a huge following on LinkedIn and had some of the best recommendations written about him by his employees and colleagues.

Rana Kordahi - Sales Coach at - Mindset Coach - Writer - Speaker Message

Rana has worked in a variety of sales roles, from recruitment, employment services, real estate, training services, to selling software. And now she runs her own sales training company, which include lots of selling. Rana has train and coach over 10 thousand sales and non-sales people across the globe in the art of sales, influence, mindset and personal development.

Social Selling Tips and Reality Check - Rana Kordahi (TALKING SALES 283)

How effective is your Social Selling activity? Are you letting your vanity lead you to low productivity? I suggest the key measure of your social selling eff...

Building sales resilience with mindset - Rana Kordahi (TALKING SALES 290)

How important is resilience for sales success? In my experience it is essential yet not natural in most people. To build resilience we must work on our sales...

Cold Calling - Rana Kordahi (TALKING SALES 268)

How do you cold call? You have probably seen Cold Call Training with Grant Cardone in the Boiler Room or the Boiler Room prospecting scene in the Vin Die...

Everyone's a Salesperson with Special Guest Rana Kordahi | 10 Minute Mindset | Mario Porreca

Rana joined Mario on 10 Minute Mindset to discuss her diverse background in sales, how she defines sales, some of her memorable sales experiences, and how she developed her confidence in selling.

Rana Kordahi: Founder of Limitless Minds

Rana Kordahi is the Founder of Limitless Minds, Specializing in Sales And Sales Leadership Training For Corporations. You can learn more about Rana here: This episode is brought to you by Authors Unite. Authors Unite provides you with all the resources you need to become a successful author. You can learn more about Authors Unite and join the free community at Thank you for listening to The Business Blast Podcast! Tyler Become a supporter of this podcast:

Cold calling is not dead - Rana Kordahi

Tips Rana offers for ensuring a robust sales process to grow your company: - hire a sales expert! - pick up the phone - cold call to build relationships - bu...

Michael David Chapman on LinkedIn: “Each day technically brilliant and…

Each day technically brilliant and smart people are hired to do great things in their jobs.   Sales skills are always a necessary component.  In thi…

An Australian and an American Collaborate on Selling for Non Salespeople

An Australian and an American Collaborate on Selling for Non Salespeople. Too many smart and talented people are expected to sell in their non sales jobs, and have no clue how to do it or go about it the wrong way. This 30-day online program was create to help them unleash their sales potential and have fun while selling. - PR12691787

#CreateTheEdge Season 2 : Episode 11 Live

The Art of Sales, Influence, Mindset & Personal Development How do you convert Attention into Sustainable Revenue ? #CreateTheEdge Season 2 - Episode 11 Plea...

#ValuableDiversity (Interview Series) - ep. 12: Sales & NLP, hand in hand

Introducing you to interesting people around the world Meet Rana Kordahi Founder of Limitlessminds Corporate Training, Sales & Mindset trainer (Sydney, Australia) What could sales and NLP have in common? And why would we even be curious about it? We...